Sunday, May 26, 2019


5 Reasons PC Gaming Beats Console Gaming

Better Hardware, Better Visuals and Faster Frame Rate Many console gamers argue that the substance of the game trumps how it looks; that is, the...

PS5 Announced in 2018? Don’t Be So Naïve

We've been hearing a lot in the last few days about how the PlayStation 5 could be coming this year or next, with supposed...

E3 2018 is ‘Squeaky Bum Time’ for Xbox One as an...

Half the lifetime sales of PS4, behind Switch every month in sales - Xbox One is circling the drain and E3 2018 is likely their last chance this generation to claw back lost market share.

Console Fanboys: Can You Flame the Manufacturers Instead

With the release of (most likely) game the year on PS4, Xbox Prince Philip took time to congratulate Sony Santa Monica on their momentous achievement - we ask why gamers cannot get along.

The Current, Confusing Situation in Halo’s Lore

In the upcoming game Halo 5: Guardians, Master Chief's former teammates are finally getting their long anticipated appearance in a Halo video game. But,...

Gamescom 2017: Deep Rock Galactic Impressions “Co-op games can be hard for a n00b to get into. If you select certain characters and screw up, people get angry ..." Game Director...

Reggie’s Love Affair with: the Pokémon Franchise

The first time Reggie laid eyes on these exotic pocket monster, he did not know was about to embark on a two-decade long love affair...

Fallout 76 Won’t Be Another Elder Scrolls Online – Here’s Why

Fallout 76‘s recent confirmation and burgeoning details have started a healthy debate online. There is a healthy section of Fallout fans who fear that Bethesda are about to drop another weak online version of a beloved franchise.

Making a Murderer – The Netflix Sensation

Making a Murderer has taken the Internet by storm, but what makes this crime documentary stand out from the rest?

The 6 Real-Time Strategy Games That Defined my Youth

There's one genre of games that I can just get lost in for hours and hours, ya know an unhealthy amount of time. And...