Saturday, February 29, 2020


Where’s my N64 Mini, Nintendo?

In a world where a week doesn't seem to go by without the announcement of a mini edition of a beloved console from your...

Pro Ev’s Licensing Strategy Might Work – Here’s Why

With a dwindling set of AAA licences available year-on-year, Konami were forced to change tack. Turkish Süper Lig, SPL and full partnerships with the Old Firm of Celtic and Rangers are not to be underestimated - nor is the sharp upturn in player/team numbers. Here's why.

Nintendo @ E3 2018 – Super Smash Bros, Splatoon 2, Pokémon...

With the runaway success of the Switch, strong 3rd-party support and some management changes this year, this Nintendo fanboy doubts he will be disappointed

We’ve Finally Gotten Spiderman Away From Activision’s Grubby Hands

Activision abused Spiderman for long enough by flooding the market with sub-par cash grabs... Thomas 'T-Bag' Telford looks forward to Sony's efforts

Console Fanboys: Can You Flame the Manufacturers Instead

With the release of (most likely) game the year on PS4, Xbox Prince Philip took time to congratulate Sony Santa Monica on their momentous achievement - we ask why gamers cannot get along.

GamerCon 2017: A great promise that left many upset

Elite Gamer staff were in no way affiliated or paid to promote by GamerCon -- Our views are our own and come from our own...

FIFA 19 ‘New Kick Off’ Mode preview – Return of the...

'New Kick Off' mode is probably the most exciting feature that FIFA 19 and it nigh-on killed me to keep it under wraps. Games companies get accused of neglecting couch multiplayer. 'House Rules' is easily the coolest thing to happen to a football game since indoor games in the otherwise abysmal FIFA '97.

Persona 5 is my Game of the Year 2017 (Here’s Why)

Like many fans of this critically acclaimed JRPG series, I've been counting down the days to Persona 5's release since the first release window...

Down But Not Out – Write Xbox Off at Your Peril

Despite E3 being hailed as MS's 'squeaky bum time' by our very own Thomas 'T-Bag' Telford, the Seattle heavyweight is probably not entirely doomed if they show up for E3 with the usual guff and a Crackdown 3 delay.

FIFA 18 – First Play Thoughts and preview details

After a 12 day embargo, we can finally lift the lid on EA's Stamford Bridge FIFA 18 preview... footage that comes a little closer...




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