Wednesday, December 19, 2018


PlayStation 5 – What We Would Like to See [UPDATED]

With the continuing rabid speculation about the PlayStation 5, complete with foaming mouths and erratic behaviour, it's time we got in on the act and shamelessly fed into this hype feedback loop and made fun of some fake trailers

Insomniac games hit out and “Un-American” immigration policy

Insomniac Games have become the latest tech company to hit out at President Trump's Executive order banning refugees from 7 Muslim-majority middle eastern and...

Is Xbox Game Pass Worth It? Two Months On Review

For €9.99 a month, Microsoft wants to give YOU over 100 games with new games added every month. That rolls nicely off the tongue...

PES 2019 Online & Offline review* – Best 90 Minutes of...

Whilst almost every other reviewer was happy to s**t out a review of the offline modes only in order to meet the embargo, I have actually played and reviewed the full game. Enjoy.

What to expect (and hope for) from Xbox in 2018

With the Xbox One X having launched just a few months ago, what can we expect from the folks over in Microsoft in 2018?

Sony @ E3 2018 – For the Players… Again!

What are you looking forward to seeing? Do you think that Sony coming out and confirming their show would focus these 4 exclusives is to dampen expectations or will they have a big surprise in store?

How Can PSVR Avoid Becoming Smartphones’ Next Victim?

The PS Vita has been flatlining for a while now. Nintendo have yet to announce a 3DS follow-up, seemingly content to sweep up with the hybrid Switch. Smartphones killed a once-proud handheld market and they are likely to kill again.

FIFA World Cup Video Games – Best & Worst

Licensed games have a habit of being average, forgettable titles curtailed by the expense of their origins. World Cup and UEFA titles are no different with the majority sinking into the oblivion of the middle-ground.

Recent Titles We Should Have Loved – But Were Ruined by...

There are still some publishers and devs with the backbone to release full games. However, it is getting rarer that we can enjoy a game without horrific Bernaysian voodoo trying to wrench our wallets back open.

PlayStation and Cross-Play – No Match Made in Heaven

With a dominant install base worldwide, PlayStation has no real need for cross-play. Most games will find someone amongst the 80 millions users to set you up with. Why hand this advantage over to their competitors?


Marvel makes comic series based on Spider-Man PS4 game

Marvel is releasing a new Spider-Man comic series, based on the PlayStation 4 game from Insomniac. The series will start in March...