Friday, December 13, 2019

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Review: Unmechanical Extended

Unmechanical Extended is a physics-based puzzle game with a strangely soothing (and equal parts enjoyable) music. It sports an interesting mix of biological and mechanical imagery throughout its artwork and, despite their being very little plot to the game I found myself immersed in the continually changing puzzle types.

Review: Maia

Maia is an extra terrestrial colony simulator. The player's role in the game is to be the overseer of the first colony of humans living on the fictional planet Maia in the Tau Ceti system.

Review: Fort Meow

Fort Meow is an indie strategy and puzzle based game developed by Upper Class Walrus. This is my first time playing any games from Upper Class Walrus but i quite enjoyed Fort Meow and it has left a good impression. Fort Meow is a perfect game for anyone who has little time on their hand but want to complete an interactive story in one sitting.

Review: The Swindle

In The Swindle, thieves make Victorian London their playground, hacking steam-powered computers and avoiding robotic guards.

Irish Indie Game Development Update

I want to give you guys a quick run down with what's been happening in the Irish Game Development scene within the last while.

Review: Guns of Icarus Online

Guns of Icarus Online is a heavily team based multiplayer, which deviates greatly from a typical FPS game. Choose between three classes: Captain, Engineer,...

Review: Lethis: Path of Progress

Review: Lethis: Path of Progress

Darkest Dungeon Review

Review: Darkest Dungeon




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