Friday, December 6, 2019


Will Alternative Content Replace 3D Slashers?

Does the future of cinema lie in the screening of alternative content...

David Lloyd- The Legacy of the “V” Mask

Created by writer Alan Moore and artist David Lloyd, V For Vendetta and it's titular masked anarchist were to have a life far beyond the 1980s comic series.

Deadpool Official Red Band Trailer

The official Deadpool red-band trailer finally comes online.

Top 10 Posthumous Performances

Who are the heavyweights of Hollywood that may be missing from our lives but live on forever in their finest performances...

Minion breaks loose causing traffic chaos

Minions continue to take over world, a giant 40-foot inflatable Minion broke loose blowing onto a busy Old Swords Road in Dublin causing absolute chaos!

Does Batman need a break?

Does Batman need a break?




Just try and leave!