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Sony Pours Cold Water on Potential Successor to PS VITA

You shouldn't be expecting a successor to the PS Vita if quotes from Sony Interactive Entertainment America boss, Shawn Layden are anything to go by. Speaking...

Sony gives up on the PS Vita

All first party development for the PS Vita has now completely stopped at Sony, as they confirm all their own internal teams are working on the PS4.

Roccat Kain 120 AIMO Gaming Mouse review

ROCCAT is a German company that produces high-end gaming peripherals. Their products tend to be highly innovative such as the Sova LapBoard...

Magic the Gathering in the Esports era

Last December at the Game Awards, Wizards of the Coast, WoTC, took to the stage to boldly announce their intentions to take...

E3 2019 Schedule: How And When To View All Major E3 Press Conferences

E3 2019 Schedule Overview: June 6, 9 AM PT -- Google Stadia ConnectJune 8, 9:15 AM PT -- EA Play...

Crackdown 3 review – A Potemkin Game in a Potemkin City

Delayed, downgraded and downright forgettable. Crackdown 3 would have been a tired game in 2015; it's a relic in 2019. The PvP game is laughably thin at present but it does show 'what might have been' with the title's long-touted destructible environments.

Things are not going well with Activision Blizzard

The big publisher Activision Blizzard has lost one of its major pillars. Bungie, and with it the online shooter Destiny, has recently...

Amazon Echo Showcase Highlights: Some Innovation, Some Iteration

Amazon launch new products today including their first sub-woofer and improvements to existing products - Echo Sub impressed us but 2018 Echo Show's versatility and overall usability stood out from the pack.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season – Episode 1 Review

Following Telltale Games series, The Walking Dead, the fourth development sees a continuation of Clementine’s survival journey with AJ. The game is set after the...

Amazon Echo Spot review – Screen-Stealer

Finding a use for screenless Alexae (plural) could be a tough challenge given a handset with similar capabilities laying in every pocket of the developed world. The circular screen pushes the Echo Spot ahead of any similar device or service - it's a game-changer for in-house personal assistance.




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