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Gran Turismo review – A podium finish but no victory

Gran Turismo Sport's campaign gives meaning to the long learning process that GT Sport is. By gently pushing the player to perfection one corner at a time until a 30-lap punisher at the end, the game truly puts you through driving school.

Gran Turismo Sport pushed to 2017

The latest entry of Gran Turismo has been delayed until 2017. The announcement was made on the Playstation Blog by GT boss Kazunori Yamauchi. Originally...

[UPDATED] Pre-Order the “9/10” Sony Xperia XZ2 and Get a Free PS4

Pre-order XZ2 or XZ2 Compact and you can then choose either a Gran Turismo 500GB PS4 Slim bundle or, if you already have a PS4, you can get a PSVR starter pack
PlayStation Classic

PlayStation Classic review – Barely Good Enough for NPCs [UPDATED]

Sub-par emulation, a questionable choice of games and a lack of features show how little effort went into recreating a 90s institution

Forza Horizon 4 review – To Horizons Old and New

Forza Horizon 4 lacks direction and structure as the game wears on. With nothing standing out as special, players are mostly invited to make their own fun rather than the curated journey that Forza Horizon has traditionally offered in between 6km powerslides. A pretty map with plenty to see can only keep a player for so long before they will be wondering 'what's next?'.
PSVR headset

How Can PSVR Avoid Becoming Smartphones’ Next Victim?

The PS Vita has been flatlining for a while now. Nintendo have yet to announce a 3DS follow-up, seemingly content to sweep up with the hybrid Switch. Smartphones killed a once-proud handheld market and they are likely to kill again.
Project Cars 2

Project Cars 2 review – Absolutely nothing like Dark Souls. At all.

PS4/Xbox One/Windows Xbox One review code provided by publisher Project CARS was a fine game. Racing fans and the more dextrous petrolheads basked in the exacting...
Forza Motorsport 7 review banner

Forza Motorsport 7 review – mainly style, some substance

For a nearly a decade now, Forza has been in pole position in the racing genre. With Gran Turismo easing up on the quality...

“Big Game Announcements” are Coming at Paris Games Week

With Paris Games Week less than a month away, Sony has teased us with a little tweet on their official Twitter page. The tweet...

Thrustmasters New T-GT Racing Wheel unveiled at E3 2017

Thrustmasters new Racing Wheel which is a tie-in to the eagerly anticipated Gran Turismo Sport has been unveiled at E3 2017. But this is no...