The Xbox One backward compatible library has just gotten bigger with Batman: Arkham Origins just added. However, at this moment in time, it will only work with the disc-based version. Microsoft has yet to announce why they have this policy.

Batman Arkham Origins originally released back in October 2013. It acted as a prequel to the main Arkham trilogy we all love which were developed by Rocksteady Games. In Fact, Rocksteady doesn’t recognise Origins as a part of the Arkham Series with Rocksteady referring to their Arkham series as the “official trilogy”.

Microsoft has also added Fighting Vipers, Deadliest Warrior: The Game, and Disney Bolt to the Backward compatible library. Some of the biggest games currently available through backward compatibility include GTA IV, Bioshock 1,2 and Infinite and Far Cry 3 all playable on Xbox One.

I personally don’t understand the fascination playing previous gen games on a more powerful system. The performance increase is very marginal. You’d need a remastered version of the game to see significant increases in performance and fidelity.

If you want to play Xbox 360 games, then play them on a 360.

Only a fraction of Original Xbox Games will make it to Xbox One