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4. Performance
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Originally, the Silent Loop cooling system was offered in three versions: the 120mm, 240mm or 280mm. The Silent Loop cooling systems are produced in collaboration with Alphacool. Both the radiator base and the radiator are made of copper which prevents corrosion problems. The coolant can be refilled resulting in a long service life.

Until now, however, the Silent Loop series lacked a model with a 360mm radiator despite the fact that there are now quite a number of PC cases for the mainstream market that can accommodate this. be quiet! finally closes this gap with the new silent loop 360mm. It will be the most expensive AIO cooler in the range with an RRP of €159.


be quiet! Silent Loop 360mm
be quiet! Silent Loop 360mm

be quiet! continue to use the same design for their new Silent Loop 360mm as they did with all the previous versions. The flat radiator pump unit is connected to the radiator by means of black hoses with kink protection. The spiral springs protect the hoses from kinking and while it would seem like it looks out of place at first glance, it actually fits well with the overall design. What is new, however, is that the pump now operates at 12 volts.

The Silent Loop 360mm pump unit is not only slim but with the brushed aluminium cover, it looks majestic in any case. Thankfully, be quiet! don’t include the horrendous RGB lighting that most companies deem a requirement.

The bottom plate of the cooler is made of nickel-plated copper. A plug can be seen next to the sleeved cable with a 3-pin pump connector. Cooling liquid can also be replenished here. be quiet! Recommend replenishing it every two-years with cooling fluids from Alphacool, Phobya or Aquatuning.

Compared to the 240 mm radiator, the 360 mm radiator offers 50 percent more cooling surface. However, the space requirement also increased considerably – after all, the copper heat exchanger is almost 40 cm long.

The Pure Wings 2 are also used with the Silent Loop 360mm. be quiet! Uses a PWM variant running at 600 to 2,000 rpm. The 120 mm fans are screwed to the radiator with the enclosed fan screws.