Asus is developing Republic of Gamers PCI-E SSDs


Asus’ Republic of Gamers line of hardware is about to be expanded with solid state drives. The new drives will launch in May.

Solid State Drives making use of the PCI-Express interface have been relatively scarce, despite drawing a lot of attention a couple of years back. Now ASUS is making its bid for the technology with a PCI-E SSD for their Republic of Gamers range of hardware. The Raidr Express SSD was first teased at CES a few months back, but details have begun emerging and it seems the drive will be hitting shelves in May.

raidr-express-pci-e 240gb-ssd-2 raidr-express-pci-e 240gb-ssd-3

The Raidr Express, which uses a PCE Express 2.0 interface and Toshiba MLC flash storage, will feature dual LSI Sandforce SD-2281 controllers capable of 100,000 IOPS. A post from Republic of Gamers’ blog mentions that their 240GB version of the SSDs will have 830MB/s read and 810MB/s write speeds. A 120GB model will feature 775MB/s read and 765MB/s write. So far, since the drives haven’t officially been announced, there’s no pricing information.